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This video is a complimentary overview and executive summary of the Get Your Year in Gear Coaching Program.

In this executive summary I give you access to the 4 Essential Skills an advisor must master to have a Quantum Leap in Production and more Importantly for you..How to install them into your organization, your advisors, and yourself.

You will quickly realize these Essential Keys are not only a pre-requisites to the Quantum Leap that you will desire, but in all likelihood areas of your practice that you could become more proficient in.   

The Essential Keys are:

  1. Mastering The Metrics That Drive Your Practice- We have all been driving crazy over the years being asked to track inane and useless statistics, this portion of the training show you what you should track, why you should track it, and how to do it in about five minutes a day.
  2. Turning New Clients into Advocates Quickly - Advisors have traditionally believed the process of getting clients to refer business to you is a laborious process, that sometimes takes months or even years.  This portion of the training shows you a low key, tension and stress free process that begins working during the initial conversation, delivers fruit to your labors in days and weeks not months and years.
  3. Creating the Ultimate First Meeting Experience - Could your meetings go better?  Could you shorten your sales cycle?  Could you increase your ConversionRate?  Can you deepen rapport and earn a higher level of trust more quickly?  The answers to these questions are Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.  This part of the training shows you how.
  4. The Power of the Annual Review to Reactivate Old Relationships and Add Fire Power to New Ones - Invariably, as people go through this training, they begin to think back at all the prospects they’ve met, all the accounts they have opened, and all the money they had left on the table.  This campaign, executed with excellence is the key to unlock all the vault that is holding the revenue that you have left on the table.  Some might have been lost along the way; but most is waiting patiently for you to Evolve into the You that is not yet…and will soon be able you go through this course.   

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Bob Cobb

Peak Performance Strategist